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Marcy Max is the main character in a series of Christian fiction novels written by William R. Cunningham (Reggie). In the stories, Marcy is a young woman with mixed ethnicity. She has African American, Asian, and Native American features. She has an athletic build and is a very outgoing person, though she protects her private life vehemently.

The cover of the book is a representation of Marcy Max. It does not depict what she would actually look like, which is primarily due to artist limitations. However, it was satisfactory to depict the main scene of the book.

Marcy has kept a secret inside of her that has affected her life for about 10 years. That secret would eventually force its way out as described in the book, liberating her to experience an exciting new life.

Marcy’s favorite color is purple, which is depicted by the purple bike on the front cover. She rides her bike a lot around town, Blue Haven, Pennsylvania. She owns her own businesses and she works part-time at a local restaurant.

Marcy is a regular person like you and me. She illustrates the fact that God uses anyone to do his will regardless of any perceived lack of qualifications or abilities. Marcy shows us that we can do great things for God and that God equips us to do those things.  Now of course, this is a fiction book, so the things that Marcy and others like her will accomplish will be extraordinary and superhuman.