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Marcy Max Book #2 is finished–well, the first draft anyway.  I am now in the process of editing it. Book #2 will be titled, “Marcy Max: The Fellowship.” It will be almost three times the pages of the first one.  There is a lot more action and drama in book #2 as well.

Marcy Max: The Fellowship continues where Marcy Max: The Light Encounters (book #1) left off.  It starts about a couple of weeks after book #1. There are new characters introduced, new powers discovered, and new adventures realized. I enjoyed writing it, and I enjoyed reading it.

Marcy Max is, of course, a central figure in the story. However, Mark Jacobson (from book #1) plays a significant part in book #2.

Now remember, though this is fiction, I relay what I believe to be principles that we can live by, especially the idea that we can accomplish the will of God on this earth by doing what God equipped us to do. Perhaps we all have a calling.  Perhaps, like Marcy Max, we need to release the baggage that is holding us back and discover the calling on our lives.