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Marcy Max

The Light Encounters

By William R. Cunningham

Marcy Max 3D book cover

What’s New!

I am expanding “Marcy Max: The Light Encounters” to include more about Marcy in her earlier years and to broaden the story. Stay tuned for that.

I am also still working on book #2, Marcy Max: The Fellowship.

Marcy was a normal person just like you and me. However, she thought that God hated her and that was why she seemed to have so much bad luck and an uneventful life. She worked a part-time job and owned her own businesses, but still, she felt that her life was meaningless with no excitement. She became an expert at hiding her true feelings and suppressing a deep secret that would soon force its way out.

Her life would soon take a new trajectory one evening on her way home from her part-time gig. The events of that night led to a light encounter that would change her life and those around her. Marcy Max would realize the satisfaction, adventure, and excitement of discovering the call on her life and the adventure of living it.

Who is Marcy Max?

First, Marcy Max is the main character of the Christian book series, Mary Max. Second, Marcy Max represents anyone God has called to do something, regardless of how unworthy or unqualified that person believes he or she is.

Marcy Maxwell is a regular person that discovered great things when her life changed because of one extraordinary event.  She is now embarking on an adventure of fulfillment, adventure, and meaning. To know more about Marcy Max and her adventures, you will have to read the book, Marcy Max: The Light Encounters and follow her in subsequent books.

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William (Reggie) Cunningham

William (Reggie) Cunningham


William R. Cunningham, mostly known as Reggie, is the author of the Marcy Max books. Reggie is also a Christian minister and tech guy. He is the founder of Pursuing the Truth Ministries, and the creator of My Hope in Marriage website. God has wired Reggie to help others by using the abilities, skills, and knowledge that he has. He decided to write a series of books to expose concepts revealed in the Bible through fiction. Go to Reggie’s personal website to learn more about Reggie.

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